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By Robert S. Borden

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An outstanding undergraduate textual content examines units and buildings, restrict and continuity in En, degree and integration, differentiable mappings, sequences and sequence, functions of unsuitable integrals, extra. difficulties. suggestions and suggestions for chosen difficulties.

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4. ,x2n\CD fot which Xi: 1p(x zi,xzi*r ) < 6, we have2i= r p( f(xz), f(xzt-r )) < e. Certainly absolutecontinuity on D implies uniform continuity on D, but the converseis not true. 9 we give an example of a rather famous function/: [0,1] - R which is uniformly continuous on [0,1] but not absolutely continuous on this domain. 5, Suppose/:R - R is boundedand integrableon eachbounded intensalo/ R. : f(t\dt, onfa,bl. Since/is boundedon [a, b] let M= sup{l f(x)l: x ala,bl). ) We have X lr(rr,)- F(*,,-,)l n - x2i _,1.

Here is a contradiction:f(A) cannot belong to A. Thus 7, is a maximal elementof F since the set 7, must be empty. tr If one takesthis lemma as an axiom, it is possibleto prove that the axiom of choice follows as a consequence;logically, the two propositions are equivalent since the truth of each implies the truth of the other. The reader may rest assuredthat Zorn's lemma is an extremely useful tool in analysis. suppose z is a nontrivial vector space(one consistingof somethingmore than just the zero vector).

We write p:supB-lub,B. B -glbB. B. It is evidentthat for any finite set B *Q , supB: max B and inf ,B: min B. A real number / is called art accumulationpoint (clusterpoint, limit point\ of B if for everye>0 thereis an x,c^Br{/} suchthat I - e< x,1l*e. If /€,8 and / is not an accumulation point of B, / is called an isolatedpoint of -8. A real number p is called the limit superiorof B if for eache>0, p*e is greater than all but a finite number of points of B and trr-e is less than infinitely many elementsof B.

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