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However, the very long and the very short durations of time, like the very vast and very small distances, do not really penetrate our understanding, and this immunity tends to make us aware of the Absolute state of consciousness in these types of perceptions, which is why we sense a great significance in the experience of eternity and of the split moment of the now. This correspondence is also true of perceptions of the vast Universe and of the tiny atom. Experiences of this sort tend to numb the rational processes of consciousenss and prevent us placing upon them the manmade values by which we are largely conditioned.

This growth begins from a state of relatively little awareness and continues until it becomes possessed of the consciousness and ability of the Absolute. Since it is in fact a portion of the Absolute all the time without at first knowing it, some theoretical construction must be proposed which can take account of this fact. One way to do this is to use the analogy of a musical instrument which is composed of strings. The classic and simplest variety is that of the harp. Let us consider that the frame of the harp is ‘given’ by virtue of the fact that some portion of the Absolute is detached and sown into the field of matter-consciousness, but let us assume that the frame of the harp at first does not possess any strings and is therefore soundless.

Since it is realised now that the unconscious and deeper consciousness of our nature has a profound and overriding effect on all our conscious deliberations, and since it is also discovered that this unconscious part of our nature has a very strong sense of justice, right and wrong, sin and punishment, virtue and reward, one can see that this fundamental conditioning aspect of our awareness is thrown into a hopeless and distorted state by prevalent religious ideas. Until the idea of sin is replaced with the idea of shortcoming, we will be destroying effectively the very purpose of religious and spiritual effort, which is to become trustful of and acquainted with, first of all the Divine qualities of God and secondarily the Divine qualities of our own real nature.

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