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By Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane

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During this concise and balanced survey of heresy and inquisition within the heart a while, Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane explores the more and more sour encounters among piety, reform, dissent, and the institutional Church among 1100 and 1500. even if the loaded phrases of 'heresy' and 'orthodoxy' hired via ecclesiastical officers recommend a transparent department among correct and flawed, that department was once in truth vigorously contested by means of medieval humans in any respect degrees of society. Deane investigates key concerns that sparked confrontations among Christians, together with entry to scripture, apostolic versions of poverty and preaching, the Eucharist and sacramental strength, and clerical corruption and wealth. She lines the capacity wherein Church elites constructed an more and more advanced set of inquisitorial strategies and assets to spot, label, and repress 'heresy,' examines some of the local eruptions of such confrontations throughout medieval Europe, and considers the judicial techniques that introduced many to the stake. The publication levels from the 'Good Christians' of Languedoc and Lombardy and the pan-European 'Poor,' to religious Franciscans, lay spiritual girls, anticlerical and vernacular hobbies in England and Bohemia, mysticism, magical practices, and witchcraft. all through, Deane considers how the recent inquisitorial bureaucracies not just fueled nervousness over heresy, yet truly generated fictional 'heresies' via their very own texts and methods. Incorporating contemporary examine and debates within the box, her research brings to lifestyles a compelling factor that profoundly inspired the medieval global.

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In contrast to the traditional Church’s position that sexual intercourse between married people was licit for procreation, the Good Christians insisted that pregnancy was an evil that served only to trap more angelic souls in flesh prisons. Because there was no gradated system of penance to atone for misdeeds as in Catholicism, the Good Men and Women had to avoid all sins in order to remain unsullied—from lying to larceny, from eating a morsel of meat to murder. As Rainier Sacconi put it, “[I]f their prelate, especially their bishop, may secretly have committed some mortal sin .

Their multitude of voices has echoed only faintly across time to our day, muted by the increasingly strident tones and techniques of institutional authority; Adémar of Chabannes, Hildegard of Bingen, James Capelli, and other trumpets of orthodoxy would soon be joined by many others, elite figures privileged in their power to record and shape history. Yet evidence does survive of the others if we pay careful attention. So we now begin our exploration of medieval heresy and inquisition in the first of a series of specific contexts in which dramatic controversies over Christian belief, piety, and authority erupted in the eleventh and twelfth centuries—controversies whose consequences would reverberate excruciatingly through centuries of European history to come.

New York: Longman, 2003. indb 24 11/9/10 2:10 PM Chapter One Good Christians, Heresy, and the Apostolic Model In 1143, alarmed reports of heresy first sounded in the German Rhineland, when the anxious prior of a monastery near Cologne appealed to the renowned abbot and spiritual luminary Bernard of Clairvaux for guidance. In his letter to Bernard, Prior Eberwin described a group of local people whose unusual religious opinions had brought them to the attention of the greater community. With equal parts dismay and disgust, Eberwin described their behaviors and beliefs.

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