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By Christoph Klein

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This publication experiences a wide economic system. It offers with a static microeconomic version of an trade industry with natural festival. rather than the sigma-additive thought, the finitely additive conception, the final Jordan content material and the overall Riemann integration are used respectively. by means of a really expert chance version, the writer obtains an exact interpretation strictly in response to microeconomic equipment of size. particularly, the that means of an agent and of a coalition is defined and the Core-Walras equivalence is deduced. the writer elaborates an straightforward illustration by way of damaged non-stop services and the classical Riemann critical. A conjecture about the aid of the dynamical case onto generalized differential equations is additional.

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I=d, and let S=lN. Then dlN is the density d defined on a field containing Ro' If we choose JB ( Stone (Ro),d)= ~o then d lNJB is the density d defined on the field which is generated by Ro and the subsets AclN with d(cl(A»=O. We denote this fieZd 1t o in the sequel. 1(0= J(onlN. The density d was defined on Ro by the limit of finite average means. Due to a general result we will see soon that this formula holds true as well for 1{ o (see prop. 7 (iii». We demonstrated by several properties that the generalized Jordan content is appropriate for our purposes.

Hence {Ro(Pn)}nElli is an independent set of Boolean subalgebras of ~ (lli) . We prove that IT n : 1 Ro (Pn) eRo: It suffices to prove that Ro(Pn) eRo k . for every nElli. If nElli and AERo(Pn) then there is a k with AEITj=1rO(P~)= k ). Since BG (pk) e R BG (Pn n 0 We prove that R e IT o the above inclusion is proven. co R (p ): Let AERo. Then there is an nElli with n= 1 0 n 35 AEBG(n). There are finitely many primes Pn(1) " •• ,Pn(r) and natural num_ r k(j) bers k(1), ... ,k(r) with n-IT j =1 P n(j)' It suffices to prove that BG(n)= r k (j) IT j =1 BG (Pn (j» (IN)I • Remember that BG(P~) {M[P~,i] is generated by the class O~i

NIEDERREITER for details and proofs) : Let K be a compact, metrizable space endowed with a normalized, non-negative Radon measure {xi}iEN is called (1) ~. ~-uniformty Let {xi}iEN be a sequence in K. Then distributed iff lim n f (x,)= f Kfd~ '_I n+ex> n '\L~_ ~ holds for every continuous real valued function f on K. (i) We interpret a sequence x:={xi}iEN cK as an element of the countable product Km:= rr~K. With respect to the canonical product measure ~CX):=rr~~ almost all sequences x are ~-uniformly supp(~) :={xEKI~(U(x»>O distributed.

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