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Consciousness Thought

By G. R. G Mure

An summary exposition of Hegel's different types is gifted with the goal of being of help on a primary examining of Hegel.

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For S to V” and its cognates are, I want to suggest, perfectly licit and informative.  . for S to V,” so it will be useful to consider his objections to it. ’ let alone (2) ‘There is something it is like for [S] to V’ ” (2002, p. 166). (1), Hacker argues, “is apt only for cases of comparison,” whereas (2) “is a miscegenous [sic] crossing of the form of a judgment of similarity with the form of a request for an affective attitudinal characterization of an experience” (2002, p. 166). One cannot but agree with Hacker that (1) is apt for cases of comparison, at least at first glance.

24. To this it might be objected that Quine’s (1951) critique of analyticity shows that the notion of a conceptual truth is incoherent. But does it? ” I don’t see how else it could it be false. Surely it is not false for the same reason as the proposition expressed by “Ravens are white” is false; that is, it is not false because all observed bachelors have been unmarried males. 25. Also see Malcolm 1984, pp. 45–66; Hofstadter and Dennett 1981, pp. 403–14; Hanfling 2001, pp. 48–52; and Levi 1997, pp.

But notice that here Hacker’s objection to the idea of defining perceptual experience in terms of what-it-is-like is predicated on the supposition that “what-it-is-like” is synonymous with “qualitative feel,” as the first of the quoted passages indicates. However, although it is customary to define perceptual experience in terms of qualitative feels, nothing about the expression “what-it-is-like” makes associating it with these putative feels compulsory. In other words, one can agree with Hacker that it is erroneous to say perceptual experiences have distinctive feels, and yet ­affirm that there is something it is like for the subject of a perceptual experience to have it.

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