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This chapter will survey the most significant works on biblical verse of the past three decades. This time period represents a renaissance of interest in biblical verse after more than a century of relative disinterest. The approach and analysis established by Bishop Lowth have been challenged and new methods offered in their place. In this chapter these new methods will be examined and evaluated. This survey will, of necessity, be selective and not comprehensive. added. Many other articles and monographs could be The attempt is to deal with those which have had the greatest impact and/or have advanced significant theories and methods of study.

Their similarities cannot blind us to their differences. In general there have been three main approaches which have characterized recent studies of Hebrew verse. Some, such as Freedman and Stuart, have maintained that meter is its most basic constituent. Others, such as Kugel, Geller, and Berlin, argue that parallelism is the key toward understanding Hebrew verse, although their understanding of parallelism differs. Finally, there are several who have sought to break the impasse between meter and parallelism by *For a critical evaluation of progress (or regress) in this area, see Craigie 1981, 99-112.

There, too, he found 50 the form of these devices in Ugaritic and Biblical Hebrew verse remarkably similar. Although word pairs had been previously studied by Ginsberg, Cassuto and others,2 Gevirtz was among the first to demonstrate the importance of this rhetorical device for the interpretation of individual biblical texts, utilizing them as an hermeneutical tool. illustrate his approach. Several examples will In I Sam. " Therefore he argues that the women are not lauding David's military prowess over that of Saul (Gevirtz 1963, 24).

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