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By Jean Ousset

ISBN-10: 0971489424

ISBN-13: 9780971489424

ISBN-10: 1932528229

ISBN-13: 9781932528220

This publication considers other kinds of motion; find out how to gauge the effectiveness of motion; even if a number of activities are complementary or collectively harmful; and who should still perform the activities. French author, philosopher, and activist Jean Ousset examines the basic questions of powerful social motion, resembling ideology, humans, assets, and the way to guage conflicting ideas. a person drawn to effecting social switch or learning sleek social hobbies will locate this either a compelling and distinctive work.

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This kind of resolution was, of course, entirely without practical significance precisely because it was too general in scope – too vague. So he was advised to think in terms of some precise commitments: to hear Mass so many times a week; on this day, at that hour, to say the Rosary on his way home from the office; etc. This is the only sound approach to practical action in temporal, as well as in spiritual, affairs. When the choice is difficult the way to choose is to compare: (1) the advantage of what one considers doing; (2) its disadvantages; 50 Jean Ousset (3) the advantages which can result from not doing it; (4) the disadvantages of not doing it.

Louis-François Veuillot (1813–1883). Founder of the French Catholic journal, L’Univers, which championed the powers of the Papacy vigorously, and whose writings extend to some forty volumes. ” 12. Louis-Edouard-Désiré Cardinal Pie (1815–1880). Nominated Bishop of Poitiers in 1849, he was removed from the Council of State in 1861 for having criticized the politics of Napoleon III in respect of the Holy See. At the First Vatican Council he played an important role in the definition of Papal Infallibility.

It cuts and slices truth, it makes 47 Action plans and universalizes theories solely in terms of principles. Thereafter, orthodoxy becomes a title accorded only to the finest splitter of hairs who can sub-divide them into four, eight or sixteen different parts. Formation becomes an end in itself, and tends towards fatty degeneration, to doctrinal fibrositis and to veritable impotence. But in its turn, when action is deprived of that perception of the diversity of things and problems which only doctrine can give, it is soon reduced to cut and dried formulae, to an activism that relies on plans and diagrams.

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