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By Robyn Gee; Rob McCaig; Ian Ashman

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995P Anno Mythumbal leAdremeth anech. "DT [fem. f. LADY (epithet of a goddess). I/2 (Ph) 'rn [S]n mgn 'mtb'l bt p(s... " 'HLI [Heb. 'ohel; Ar. m. " 'HLII d. n. AL ("Baal is my family") Benz 60 (Ph). lx. n. 'OHLI-MILK ("Milk is my family") Benz 60 (Ph). Ix. n. WY (vocalisation and meaning uncertain) Benz 60 (Pu) 2x. n. AL (vocalisation and meaning uncertain) Benz 60 (Pu). Ix. n. 'WNLP'S (vocalisation and meaning uncertain) Benz 60 (Pu). Ix. WRK [Gk. m. EVARCH ("Good Ruler"), either a royal title or Greek name KAI 26 A I 1/2 (Ph) 'nk 'ztwd hbrk b•l ·bd b'l 's 'dr 'wrk mlk dnnym, "I 38 'ZRM am Aztwadda, he whom Baal blessed, the servant of Baal, Great Man, Evarch, King of the Danunians.

Y 'LSY: See 'LSY 'YBL ='BL part. NOT 1. 21 (Pu) [k]/ b'/ zbl; 's 'ybl ytn 't k[hnm k]l hmS't 's [st bps z wn'nS. " 2. 4/6 (Pu) [wkl 1dm 's 'ybl msrt wkpt rbtn tnt pnb'/ w'dn b['l]l;mn 'yt 'dmm hmt bl;ym 'l pn sms di 'zrtm w'[ ... ]nm, "As for any person who shall not serve, Our Lady Tinnit-Phanebal and the Lord Baalhammon shall bind those persons during their lifetime under the sun, together with their families and their[ ... " 'YB'L, var. n. 'i-BA'AL, var. ") Benz 61 (Pu). Ix. Also attested in the spelling 'b'/ (Benz 55, Ph, Pu, 3x).

DRM [Heb. pl. SENATE, lit. " = Lat. Primo ordo et populus. Obs. n. 'ADER-MILK ("Milk is great") Benz 60 (Ph, Pu). 2x. v. ADARMILK. "DRMT loc. HADRUMETUM (AopvµrJ<;, AopvµrJw<;), city in Tunisia; present-day Sousse; the precise Punic spelling is uncertain. Poen. 995A (Pu) Anno byn Muttumbal leAdrumit anec, "I am Hanno son of Myttumbal of Hadrumetum" = Poen. 995P Anno Mythumbal leAdremeth anech. "DT [fem. f. LADY (epithet of a goddess). I/2 (Ph) 'rn [S]n mgn 'mtb'l bt p(s... " 'HLI [Heb. 'ohel; Ar.

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