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By Vassberg

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A German dialect spoken in Alsace (France), has swiftly misplaced technique to French due to the fact that 1945. This publication investigates language selection, language attitudes and ethnic id in Alsace at the present time. The Alsatian case examine issues out the advanced interrelationship of linguistic and id switch with old, social and mental tactics.

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Consequently, a discourse analysis approach was adopted to analyze the transcripts of natural conversation. My study is empirical in that it deals with real language use, and ethnographic in that it is concerned with both cultural norms and assumptions, and also with the immediate and emerging context of speech events. The bilingual situation in Alsace shares many features with other areas of Europe (and the rest of the world) where lesser-used languages are spoken, yet the Alsatian case is not generally well known.

Only in the nineteenth century, when German nationalists demanded the annexation of Alsace, on the grounds that a Germanic dialect was spoken there, did the erroneous belief spread that it was not so. Some, like Louis Battifol in 1919, by studying the shape of skulls, attempted to prove that Alsatians were really Page 12 descendants of Celts and that, as a result, the language spoken in Alsace was Celtic! History of Alsace Political, social and economic events affect the place of a language variety in a given society.

Page 20 Reshaping the Alsatian identity into a German one was a task that the Nazis took on in a thorough, systematic, and relentless fashion. The Entwelschung and Gleichschaltung policies left no part of Alsatian life untouched: in private or in public, at home, or in the street, Alsatians were to work at being or becoming totally German. '. g. in Mulhouse, the Wild Man Street (Rue du Sauvage) was renamed Adolf Hitler Strasse. Proper names were changed: René would become Rainer, and French-sounding last names also had to be Germanized, for the Gauleiter believed that 'nothing contributed more to the reminder of France than the daily use of a French name' (Kettenacker, 1978, II: 47).

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