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The Federal assault force under own corps, General Smith, consisting of his Bermuda Hun- Hinks's division of black troops and Kautz's dred. m. on June 15, with Kautz in the lead. Once again, the plan called for Kautz to ride south to the Jerusalem Plank Road and make a feint there, while Smith made the main attack from the east. , Kautz reached the City Point Railroad, a few miles east of Petersburg, and drove in some enemy pickets. At nine that morning, just as the Union infantry under Smith began driving in Wise's pickets east of Petersburg, Lee was siderably greater numbers at Smith's corps to reinforce Butler and began to doubt whether he could hold out.

Caldwell of the 1st South Carolina in a litany ate soldiers, however, for now in the mooncommenced digging new defensive works and trenches. The men worked with axes, spades, knives and bayonets; some even used spoons and tin cans. Hundreds of slaves were also put to work digging. Beaure- of complaint. light they sun and rain, the rancid bacon and half-raw gard's situation was desperate, and he no of the country, the want of rest at night, and longer expected help from Lee's army. m. on June 18, two leading divisions filed in behind Beauregard's utterly exhaust- ed troops, lying in despair in their scratchedout trenches.

Private James R. Bo wen firm as the Federal cavalry withdrew past his of the 1st Maine Cavalry later wrote of the "intense heat and terrible dust, at times so position, firing until he we were dense that nearly suffocated. It is a had exhausted his ammunition before he joined in the retreat. The Confederate horsemen pursued, and became we could not see the battle ten feet ahead, or even distinguish our file countercharges through patches of thick was June 2 1 when the tired Feder- woods, the confusion worsened by blinding positive fact that at times leader.

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