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By Ellis Henican, Levi Stoltzfus

ISBN-10: 1501110322

ISBN-13: 9781501110320

Move in the back of the beards during this bold insider’s examine the curious Amish way of life of Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

Is the “plain and simple” existence fairly so simple and straightforward? How do the Amish dwell with out autos? electrical energy? NFL soccer? the fact is, they don’t. greater than fifty million humans have watched “Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus in Discovery Channel’s hit express Amish Mafia, where he dispenses justice and retains the peace one of the likely quiet, insular Amish humans of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now, he unearths what it’s particularly wish to be Amish. now not the buggies, bonnets, and beards photograph the tight-knit neighborhood has portrayed for centuries to the relentless interest of outsiders. The real-deal, day by day life—the strong and the bad—all the soiled little secrets and techniques you’re now not imagined to understand. From wireless “pleasure huts,” to prostitutes, to marijuana and cocaine, you’ll by no means examine the Amish the same.

It isn’t effortless protecting your ft planted firmly within the 1800s while the remainder of the realm is centuries forward. now not even for the main God-fearing between us. The Amish have their very own targeted manner of doing every thing, and the lengths they are going to visit bask in glossy conveniences—and disguise their indiscretions—will surprise you. What have you ever been demise to understand? How approximately what rather occurs while an individual is refrained from? Or no matter if the Amish pay taxes? Do they ever attempt to “pass” as English (in different phrases, non-Amish)? How rampant is illicit intercourse in the sort of repressed society? Can participants make themselves stand out regardless of the stern ideas? Why might the Amish take such dangers whilst the punishment is everlasting damnation?

“Lebanon” Levi blows the head off the buggy with this scandalous insider’s exposé, proving that even the Amish don’t regularly perform what they pontificate.

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