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By Pira International Ltd, Richard Romano

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The trouble is, these types of audits have only been done as proprietary research projects for equipment manufacturers and thus remain unavailable to the general analyst or book author. Indeed, the last major, comprehensive audit of plant run lengths was conducted in the 1970s by a prominent manufacturer. As we all suspect, there may have been a change or two in the industry since then... The second best way to gauge run-length characteristics is to conduct a mail survey. It’s expedient and can be analysed to match previous run-length measures.

CLICK TO VIEW TABLE Packaging Packaging is a broad category that can include a bewildering variety of materials and printed products. Different corners of the packaging industry use different printing processes, and process shifts—either from analogue to analogue or even from analogue to digital—have been slow to happen, if they ever happen at all. Folding cartons and related paperboard packaging products are typically printed on offset presses, with small amounts printed via flexography and gravure.

Or, better yet, the user can enter the information from a home computer or Smartphone remotely, indicate the output kiosk, and pick up the newspaper a short time later. In a way, this is how the RedBox DVD rental service in the US works. and this is only a partial list. and maybe even some that do. The advantage of this type of printing is that it can’t be replaced with electronic media. Yet. The use of digital printing processes also makes it possible to personalise/customise these materials. com, for example, offers a wide range of objects that can be personalised.

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