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The reason for the divergences is that, because of the long time memories which the tail represents, the distribution of distances a particle travels in a given time is not Gaussian except in the infinite time limit. In that limit, the second moment of that Gaussian, or the half width, determines the diffusion coefficient. As an illustration of the divergences, the linear Burnett coefficients for the Lorentz gas diffusion can serve. 4 Hereditary hydrodynamics 23 on the size of the relevant gradient, that is, on the wavelength of the fluctuation.

When M(t − t ) = λ δ (t − t ) one recovers Eq. 34) which is generally referred to as the Maxwell-Cattaneo equation. Introducing Eq. 35) where du = cV dT, with cV being the heat capacity per unit mass at constant volume. Combining Eqs. 36) where χ = μ /ρ cV designates the heat diffusivity, wherein the coefficients τ and μ are assumed to be constant. The solutions of Eq. 36) propagate with finite speed χ /τ , and the amplitude of the pulse decreases in time as a consequence of the irreversible term.

Such a form is usually chosen as a compromise resulting from the combination of mathematical convenience and physical intuition. Descriptions of some of them can be found in (Boon and Yip, 1980). , a body of mass M moves in fluid and contains in its interior a damped oscillator of mass m . 14) t t dv0 (t) + γ0 (t − t )v0 (t )dt + ω02 [v0 (t ) − v1(t )]dt = F0 (t). 15) dt 0 0 Each of the equations is of the same type as those describing a dumped stochastic oscillator with time-dependent friction coefficient γ 1 or γ0 .

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